Hello to all my Chunky Chickz out there in #ChunkyChickzWorld. It’s me again hailing from the fabulous world of, and I’m here with a Swimsuit Edition of Fashion Fridays! I always get soo excited when it comes around swimsuit time because nowadays us Plus Size Fashionistas have more options than ever before! Each season different plus size stores create fab suits for us to swim and look our best in, and I’m providing you with the best bathing suits for you to go out and try this swimsuit season. So let’s begin ladies!

Fringe Anyone?

Serve fringe on the beach this summer with this lovely fringe look given to us from This highly fashionable and affordable fringe swimsuit will have your body looking great and your waistline looking even better! The fringe in front of the bathing suit adds chic and style but it also smooth’s out your midsection. I will def be on the lookout for this suit.


I was inspired to get the Fatkini from my favorite plus size blogger Gabi Gregg who coined the term fatkini, which I love so much. Last year she amazed me when she rocked her bright pink 2 piece fatkini and this year it’s being offered on soo many other sites. The black and white 2 piece is the one that she recently brought for this summer, and can be found on The Cheetah-licious 2piece that you see on the right has been on my wishlist since I first saw it and it can be found on, she is the mother of all fab plus size bathing suits! Be sure to check it out ASAP!

Ruched and Lovely

This last look is my personal all time fave! I own 2 of these ruched bathing suits and I’m telling you ladies; it was the best bathing suit that I ever brought. This bathing suit slims you down and makes you look cute! These two above are from Forever21, but these ruched beauties can also be found at any store, you just gotta know where to look!

Well ladies, that’s all the time we have for this fashion Friday segment! I hope this swim guide has inspired you to put your best pedicured foot forward and enjoy all the joy that summer brings! Remember to stop by at and become my tweet-heart on Twitter @VintageBlondie. Until next time ladies, XOXO




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