For the last week all I’ve been talking about is Wakanda… I mean Black Panther the movie, which they might as well rename Wakanda because that’s how I will refer to the movie from here on out. I fell in love with the imagery and the subtle references to the influence that God and Black Women have on our culture! I felt so empowered leaving the theater that night…


In steps Dallas J, a 23 year old nail tech that works at Wynwood Salon, and in short she is killing the game! I gave her my idea about Black Empowerment and Wakanda er the Black Panther Movie and she proceeded to paint, not air brush, but paint my nails. I’ve been watching her growth on Social media for a while now so I took the opportunity to ask her a few questions while she slayed my nails.

Here’s a few short clips of the artist at work…


and here is the end result…


From the desk of Dallas J!

Make sure to book an appointment with Dallas J.  I book two weeks in advance FYI!


  • Empress ❤



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