First & foremost I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the fact that Geisha presented this wonderful idea back in 2013! I wonder why they didn’t make her a cast member 🤔


I was scrolling down my TL and I saw a post by Bobby Lytes making the announcement about the Inaugural Season of Love & Hip Hop Miami. I promptly reposted the post on @thechunkychickz IG and I’m glad that I did, because it looks like Bobby edited his original post but we still have ours up on our page check it out!

With that being said I present to you the cast of Love & Hip Hop Miami sans Lattie, Latta and Geisha…



Miami Tip aka Tipdrill



Ok, so first of all kudos to Monami Entertainment I think they did a great job with the casting… I don’t know some of these people but so far it looks like Trick Daddy, Trina, Gunplay, Miami Tip, Bobby Lytes, Veronica Vega, & Shay Johnson will be on the show. I can’t wait to see what Mr. Hoe problems ain’t no problems aka Miami’s very own JT Money of the Poison Clan has to say about his sons relationship with Bobby Lytes! We interviewed Bobby Lytes on the Chunky Chickz Radio Show a few months back and he would not spill the beans about this relationship.  I can’t wait to see this show.


The show will air some time in January on VH1.

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– Empress ❤



On the heels of Lifetime’s “The Rap Game,” VH1 has created its own Atlanta-based reality competition music show called “Signed.”

The show, which airs on Wednesday at 8 p.m., features three mentors: rap impresario and part-time Atlantian Rick Ross, Atlanta rap star The-Dream and Lenny Santiago, senior vice president of Jay Z’s Roc Nation label.


In the first episode, most of the action happens at Patchwerks Recording Studios in West Midtown Atlanta, which was originally created by former NFL player and “Real Housewives” participant Bob Whitfield 23 years ago and has recorded music with artists ranging from Mariah Carey and Toni Braxton to Britney Spears and 50 Cent.

During a promotional interview for the show Rick Ross, was asked why he had never signed a woman to his label.

His answer…

“You know,” he gave an explanation of the personnel make-up of Maybach Music Group, “I never did it because I always thought I would end up fucking a female rapper and fucking the business up.”

 “I’m so focused on my business,” Rick went on. “I just, I gotta be honest with you. You know, she looking good. I’m spending so much money on her photo shoots. I gotta fuck a couple times.”

So there’s that…

So the team at Chunky Chickz Radio Show decided that we would delve a little bit into Rick Ross’ perspective and discuss this topic as only we can.

So, was Ross being sexist? A lot of women were offended by Ross speaking his truth… Do women really want to hear the truth from men? Does Ross have a right to conduct his business as he sees fit?

FYI Ross has since apologized and all is well, but we still felt the topic needed to be addressed. Please tune in to Chunky Chickz Radio show each and every Sunday at 8:30 pm on to hear our perspectives!

– Empress ❤

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Olympic gymnast Gabrielle Douglas won gold and the hearts of millions. Now, Oprah travels to West Des Moines, Iowa, to sit down with this 16-year-old gold medalist. Oprah also meets Gabrielle’s mother, Natalie; her three siblings; her coach, Liang Chow; and visits with her host family. Then, Oprah goes inside the world-famous gym where Gabrielle trained for the Olympic Games!


An Open Letter From Empress: Don’t Ask My Neighbor…


Don’t ask my neighbor….

Here’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… I needed a break!!! With all of the additions, subtractions, gossip, twit beef, she said, she lied, she using your name to get venues… Wolves in sheep’s clothing, my immaturity, my ability to see the good in all people and soo much more… I had to take some time away for myself, my family and my mental well being.

The Chunky Chickz Story from the beginning…

The whole reason I started Chunky Chickz was because I wanted to dance again. Having studied various forms of dance since the age of 4 and being afforded the opportunity to travel because of my talent…. I wanted to continue doing the thing that I loved most. So I contacted my best friend who at the time was Co-Captain of the Miami Heat Dancers and we did a casting call for plus size dancers. Needless to say I was disappointed at the outcome and I made the decision to go it alone and I began to promote events with Jay from Dime Breed Ent./Zoe Pound. After a while I noticed that Miami didn’t have any all female promotional groups, so I conducted a casting call looking for confident, attractive plus size women with little to no experience who were looking to make an impact in Miami with my movement. It may have been naive of me to think that people wouldn’t link with me without having their own motives. I mean we all have personal goals. What I didn’t know or understand at that time was the length people would go to, to sully your name and gain your trust only to turn around and slander you to get ahead. Long story short, DJ Affect saw one of the CC fliers on the beach he called us, we went in for a meeting and Chunky Chickz Radio was born, first we were on, then 89.1fm, then Street Connect Radio. As most of you may know during that time we experienced a lot of changes and now I am the last Chunky Chick standing. Many former members have broken off and started their own thing and I wish them the best. I believe everything happens for a reason and I am grateful for all of the lessons I learned from this whole experience. But, life goes on!


With that said it’s still all about the Chunky Chickz Movement stay tuned and you’ll see just what I mean…


This letter is not about placing blame… I’m sure you’ve heard several versions of the story, but you’ve never heard mine, & you never will… Not my style!


Its a new day… I took a much needed break and I’m back armed with some new chit!


First and foremost Chunky Chickz Radio is coming back to a station near you, official announcement and launch COMING SOON!


Miami Renaissance is on the way as well (whole new concept)… is still popping so stop by and take a look see at what I’ve done with the place.


Oh and we will be hosting a casting call in Atlanta for what will be called the A-Team in the next few weeks. S/O to my girl Britt Bratt!!!


& I’ve been working on the new concept for CC and I promise not to disappoint! Just taking it back to the basics for me… Doing everything that I love, and staying far away from the negative energy.


Lastly, I have to thank my right hand man for sticking in there with me @haztv love you boo! As well as the select few that have reached out to me to check on me, and yell at me when they noticed that I fell back! I can’t forget my two boos @DJLuckyC & Bree-Not @iAMSABRINA who always have my back… & I can’t forget to mention an old friend who has really been the catalyst behind my new focus & outlook on things… Preciate you Mayne!!!

& S/O to my Street Connect DJ fam & !!!


I said all of that to say, I’m back bishes!!! So hit me up… ((for interviews, website features, promotions, hosting gigs, & performance opportunities)) I’m ready to work! It takes a village so you know what that means,  if I can help let me know.

At the end of the day, they can take everything away from you. But one thing they can never take away from you is your mind, that gift that God gave you called Talent & your creativity. If you did it once you can do it again, and again & AGAIN!” – My Mother 😀




Ron Slyda a.k.a. “The COOL of the South” has created his own lane and is making a name for himself in the Miami Music Scene. His music is a breath of fresh air, with his witty word play, swag and charismatic flow Ron Slyda is a name that you’ll be hearing even more in 2012!!! Here’s 10 Questions w/ Ron Slyda… Enjoy!

When & why did you decide to pursue music?

I was always into music since the age of 5 its always been my love but I took the path of the street unfortunately and ended up in and out of jail and prison when I finished my last bid my best friend [RIP Eddy Moore] convinced me my talent needs to be used and I began recording in 09.

Which artists influence you?

If you look at my music you’d see mostly 70’s and 80’s Soul Music accents, my biggest influences are Bobby Womack and Tupac because I love how they were really expressing the joy and pains of life as they saw it. I also got inspiration and southern pride from 8ball & MJG, The Dungeon Family and UGK. But my rebel soul comes from dudes like NWA and DJ Quick

What’s one main message you want people to tune into?

That we gotta be ourselves, the only thing in this world that hasn’t been done is you, so do that live for love and beauty the paper should be a tool reach and cultivate those two things dig? Life is bigger then the paper chase way deeper.

In a perfect world, which label would be the place for you to sign to?

I always pictured myself on Maybach Music or Top Dawg Ent out West but the way the game going I’d rather be Indie with good financial backing because I don’t play about creative freedom and I hate to have my sound categorized. Who’s to say I won’t make an electronic pop track I need the freedom to push what I please to stay an individual and remain relevant. Go against the machine!

Where do you think you fit in with the music industry as a whole?

As a whole I’d be in the same light of other artist who have loyal but small cult followings like Curren$y. I refuse to make a track for the sake of blowing up. I do music cause I love it, I got a millon ways to get money, I take this serious.

Where did the concept of Blue Summer stem from?

I went thru a lot of changes in 2011 my crew [SMG] had gotten an explosive buzz in the streets and internet and things began to change. Everything but me, and as I began to reflect on all the work I put in, the trials, the tribulations, cases, the losses and lessons songs began forming out of those situations. Blue is a word I use to mean deep and high like the ocean and the sky, summer was the time because its like nothing else mattered digg?

What’s to come musically?

You can expect more vids I’m currently working with WorldStreamMedia getting my “brand” together. lol I didn’t know I was marketable. I’m also planning to branch out, calling in more features and working with new producers.

What was the best thing someone said about you?

Lol man I heard a lot of things that had me more inspired, one dude told me he wants my track ‘The Comet’ played at his funeral and this one time a chick told me her Mom is one of my biggest fans and her Moms like 50 yrs old. But the best comment for me is when people quote my lyrics on Twitter and Facebook I really digg that shit lol

Who is giving you advice about this industry and helping you navigate the biz?

Off the rip that would be the homey Ball Greezy,  most of my team is learning along the way because I rather have people round I can trust compared to people I don’t know.

What are the two pieces of advice that you would give to upcoming artist?

Never quit, when you feel like giving up your way closer then you think and open your mouth network you want to blaze a stage walk up on whoever run the joint with confidence and find out wat you need. Holla at every DJ every Blogger and every music enthusiast you can via social networks and old fashion street promo. Nothing is gon’ come to you, you gotta go get it!

Last Question: Any Last Words?

I wanna give a shout out to my team Rico Suave, Top Five, Kaine, Chris and my a2v2e family, everybody whoever put an SMG shirt on they back its a lot so I won’t name all y’all lol,  iblog126,  Streetconnect DJ’s, and all the people who considered me just another nigga spamming links y’all forced me to go harder too lol… Blue Summer on the way….I’m here Ron Slyda bitch!!!!!

Check Out Ron Slyda’s Latest Release “Blue Summer” off his upcoming mixtape ‘BLUE SUMMER:RECOLLECTIONS OF A POETIC DRUNK’


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