New Video: K. Michelle – “I Don’t Like Me”

k michelle rebellious soul

Say what you want about Kimberly Pate… But you can’t deny REAL TALENT! All things considered, K. Michelle has really proven her critics wrong when it comes to her music. All ratchetness & craziness aside, Ms. Pate is a writer, vocalist and pianist. How many of your favorite R&B acts can make this claim?! The self proclaimed “Rebellious Soul” lets it all hang out on her new track “I Don’t Like Me” take a listen…

THROWBACK: Gabi Gregg Styles Wilhemina Curve Models For Summer 2011 LookBook

Gabi Gregg Wilhemina curve Ma


A couple of years ago Gabi Gregg was selected to style a few of the models from Wilhelmina Curve for their 2011 Summer look-books  I just came across the pictures and as always Gabi delivered… The looks were on trend and then some… Take a look at the rest of the pics on Gabi’s Blog! ❤

An Open Letter From Empress: Don’t Ask My Neighbor…


Don’t ask my neighbor….

Here’s the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… I needed a break!!! With all of the additions, subtractions, gossip, twit beef, she said, she lied, she using your name to get venues… Wolves in sheep’s clothing, my immaturity, my ability to see the good in all people and soo much more… I had to take some time away for myself, my family and my mental well being.

The Chunky Chickz Story from the beginning…

The whole reason I started Chunky Chickz was because I wanted to dance again. Having studied various forms of dance since the age of 4 and being afforded the opportunity to travel because of my talent…. I wanted to continue doing the thing that I loved most. So I contacted my best friend who at the time was Co-Captain of the Miami Heat Dancers and we did a casting call for plus size dancers. Needless to say I was disappointed at the outcome and I made the decision to go it alone and I began to promote events with Jay from Dime Breed Ent./Zoe Pound. After a while I noticed that Miami didn’t have any all female promotional groups, so I conducted a casting call looking for confident, attractive plus size women with little to no experience who were looking to make an impact in Miami with my movement. It may have been naive of me to think that people wouldn’t link with me without having their own motives. I mean we all have personal goals. What I didn’t know or understand at that time was the length people would go to, to sully your name and gain your trust only to turn around and slander you to get ahead. Long story short, DJ Affect saw one of the CC fliers on the beach he called us, we went in for a meeting and Chunky Chickz Radio was born, first we were on, then 89.1fm, then Street Connect Radio. As most of you may know during that time we experienced a lot of changes and now I am the last Chunky Chick standing. Many former members have broken off and started their own thing and I wish them the best. I believe everything happens for a reason and I am grateful for all of the lessons I learned from this whole experience. But, life goes on!


With that said it’s still all about the Chunky Chickz Movement stay tuned and you’ll see just what I mean…


This letter is not about placing blame… I’m sure you’ve heard several versions of the story, but you’ve never heard mine, & you never will… Not my style!


Its a new day… I took a much needed break and I’m back armed with some new chit!


First and foremost Chunky Chickz Radio is coming back to a station near you, official announcement and launch COMING SOON!


Miami Renaissance is on the way as well (whole new concept)… is still popping so stop by and take a look see at what I’ve done with the place.


Oh and we will be hosting a casting call in Atlanta for what will be called the A-Team in the next few weeks. S/O to my girl Britt Bratt!!!


& I’ve been working on the new concept for CC and I promise not to disappoint! Just taking it back to the basics for me… Doing everything that I love, and staying far away from the negative energy.


Lastly, I have to thank my right hand man for sticking in there with me @haztv love you boo! As well as the select few that have reached out to me to check on me, and yell at me when they noticed that I fell back! I can’t forget my two boos @DJLuckyC & Bree-Not @iAMSABRINA who always have my back… & I can’t forget to mention an old friend who has really been the catalyst behind my new focus & outlook on things… Preciate you Mayne!!!

& S/O to my Street Connect DJ fam & !!!


I said all of that to say, I’m back bishes!!! So hit me up… ((for interviews, website features, promotions, hosting gigs, & performance opportunities)) I’m ready to work! It takes a village so you know what that means,  if I can help let me know.

At the end of the day, they can take everything away from you. But one thing they can never take away from you is your mind, that gift that God gave you called Talent & your creativity. If you did it once you can do it again, and again & AGAIN!” – My Mother 😀




Gabi Gregg, who writes the fashion blog GabiFreshposted a series of Fatkini photos on XOJane in April 12′ and this week the Fatkini movement went viral. So much so that the blogger landed herself on the Today Show to talk about the XO Jane photo gallery and her reason for starting the Fatkini Movement. Kudos to the ladies who are bold enough to strut their stuff in a Fatkini!!! Maybe I’ll post a pic or two of my own! LOL

Here’s Gabi on the Today Show ❤

So… is Ms. Gregg Hott or NOTT in her Fatkini?!

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#THROWBACK Cool Breeze ft.Goodie Mob & Outkast – Watch for the Hook


Cool Breeze ft.Goodie Mob & OutkastWatch for the Hook