THROWBACK: Gabi Gregg Styles Wilhemina Curve Models For Summer 2011 LookBook

Gabi Gregg Wilhemina curve Ma


A couple of years ago Gabi Gregg was selected to style a few of the models from Wilhelmina Curve for their 2011 Summer look-books  I just came across the pictures and as always Gabi delivered… The looks were on trend and then some… Take a look at the rest of the pics on Gabi’s Blog! ❤

FASHION FRIDAY: ARM CANDY | by @VintageBlondie

Hello to all my chunkyChickz out there in chunkyChickz world!  Its me again with another fabulous segment of Fashion Fridays. Now, one of the most important and fun things about an outfit is…*drumroll* The Accessories! A necklace can make all the difference in an outfit. But today our focus isn’t on necklaces. No ladies today we are going to discuss bracelets or as we in the fashion world like to call it, Arm Candy.

Now Arm Candy is basically any way to stack your bracelets. It can be rhinestone, pearls, a friendship bracelet or a big watch. It all depends on how creative you can be. The best place to get most of these accessories at affordable prices is Foreer21 stores or There accessories options are amazing and never, ever disappoints! You can always find some amazing bracelets in there.

Now if your a plus size woman, who goes into stores and bracelets don’t quite fit your wrist, don’t fret because there are still arm candy options for you! Fashion 2 Figure, Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant ; pretty much any plus size store that carries accessories can cater to us women out there who have a thicker wrist but still wanna rock some arm candy.

Fashion Friday: The Hi or Low Trend | by @VintageBlondie

Hi or Low?


            Hello Ladies! It’s me again from (Excuse the name change!) and welcome back to Fashion Fridays! So this summer, I have seen the hi-low trend everywhere. In shirts, dresses and skirts; any place that you choose to shop this summer, will definitely have hi-low items in stock. I love it so much and hopefully by the end of today’s segment you will be in love with it as well. So let’s get started!


So, the first thing I ever fell in love with in this trend is the amazing hi-low tops. Some of them come short, some of them come long, but either way they are so fabulous. The perfect accessories and shoes can transform these tops from casual to dressy instantly. Pair them with a nice pair of shorts or leggings and it creates the absolute perfect summer outfit!


So the next best thing about this trend is the skirts. Whether its sheer, printed, a solid color of polka dots, every woman this season should have a high-low skirt! Now even though the warm weather is leaving soon, it doesn’t hurt to break out this skirt with an awesome pair of wedges before the bright summer sun leaves us. Show those lovely legs some love.


Alright ladies final and last item on our hi-low topic is the hi-low dress. Now ladies, this just may replace your regular LBD( Little Black Dress). It’s sophisticated, its elegant and its definitely something different. The flowy, long frabric drapes your curves and gives it a beautiful, dramatic feel. And im telling you ladies, heads will definitly turn when your wearing one of thease dresses. Trust me, heads def did when I wore mine!

 Alright ladies, well that’s enough of me rambling on for today. Please join me next Friday on ChunkyChickzWorld as we uncover and discuss more plus size fashion trends. Be sure to come visit me over at and become my tweetiepie over on twitter at @VintageBlondie. Until next time ladies, Stay Fabulous.


Hello to all of my fabulous ChunkyChickz out there in the ChunkyChickz Universe. It’s me again from and I’m here with yet another wonderful fashion trend for you to try! Today’s trend; The Peplum. I have seen this everywhere; from celebrities gracing the red carpet to me doing some personal shopping in plus size stores all around, The Peplum trend has me going crazy and I love it! Today I’m going to show you how you can create this look for yourself.

The Peplum Dress

Now I must admit ladies, I own a Peplum dress and I am SO IN LOVE! Its tiered look gives me a smooth finish and leaves my tummy in control. With its unique shape, it helps my curves get a distinguished look and let me just say I KILLED in this dress and so can you! That’s me up above in the black and besides me is a better look at the dress. You can find my black Peplum Dress at Fashion to Figure. Along with another great arrangement of Peplum tops and skirts. Not digging the black? No problem! The Peplum dress comes in various styles and colors and can be found online.

The Peplum Top

The main thing that I love about the peplum top is that is so versatile! In the picture in the left it’s paired with a pair of jeans to give a sophisticated classy look and on the right it’s paired with a bandage skirt to give it a bit more dressy look. Both styles are sleek, classy and the peplum top is to thank for that. I’m not sure where you can find the tops above, but various peplum tops can be found at Simplybe, Forever21 and Fashion to Figure.

The Peplum Skirt

And Last but not least, The Peplum Skirt. I love this skirt so much because it’s so different. I love the ruffled look and how you can take a simple tank top and dress it up. The Peplum Skirt is perfect for the times where you want to be just a tad bit dressy but still look the part. I have got to get my hands on one of these skirts this summer because I can just see myself pairing it with a bunch of tank tops this summer season.

So ladies I hope that This Peplum segment has you inspired to try the look out for yourself. Stay tuned to more things fabulous on and be sure to come visit me over at Until next time ladies, Xoxo and before I forget follow me on twitter at @vintageblondie See ya next Friday!



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