Singer, actress, clothing and shoe designer, perfumer and humanitarian Rihanna Fenty has now been labeled plus-size for whatever reason. The past few months it seems people have felt the need to body shame her. Most notably blogger Sandra Rose is the latest to stamp Rihanna with the label of plus-size.

During her latest promotional tour stop for her upcoming film “Valerian and The City of a Thousand Planets” in Los Angeles the star wore a Giambatista Valli Couture gown.


Sandra Rose a blogger notorious for using salacious content/titles to drive traffic to her site, labeled the recap of the movie premiere  ‘Plus Size Singer Rihanna Stuns at ‘Valerian’ Premiere’.


The Rihanna Navy didn’t take to kindly to the post and dear old Sandra’s mentions were in shambles (po lil tink tink). to which she quickly followed up with another post to address the controversy.


In her post ‘fanMAIL: Rihanna is Not Plus-Size – You are BIGGER Than Her’ Sandra uses the bs “fashion industry” standard approach to justify her comments.

“If Rihanna is not plus-size, what is she? Let’s examine the fashion industry standard for plus-size models. According to PLUS Model magazine, plus size is defined as sizes 10-14; super-size is sizes 16 and up.

At 5-ft-9 and about 160 pounds, Rihanna fits the category of plus-size. She’s still a beautiful young lady, but as Sir Mix-a-Lot would say, “Red beans and rice didn’t miss her.”

A bit harsh and ignorant to say the least. As a plus size woman I’m sure we can agree that Rihanna is not Plus Size. She has however, gained a few pounds. So when did she become fat, or even over weight & if she was, what is the big damn deal???

– Empress ❤


FASHION FRIDAY: ARM CANDY | by @VintageBlondie

Hello to all my chunkyChickz out there in chunkyChickz world!  Its me again with another fabulous segment of Fashion Fridays. Now, one of the most important and fun things about an outfit is…*drumroll* The Accessories! A necklace can make all the difference in an outfit. But today our focus isn’t on necklaces. No ladies today we are going to discuss bracelets or as we in the fashion world like to call it, Arm Candy.

Now Arm Candy is basically any way to stack your bracelets. It can be rhinestone, pearls, a friendship bracelet or a big watch. It all depends on how creative you can be. The best place to get most of these accessories at affordable prices is Foreer21 stores or There accessories options are amazing and never, ever disappoints! You can always find some amazing bracelets in there.

Now if your a plus size woman, who goes into stores and bracelets don’t quite fit your wrist, don’t fret because there are still arm candy options for you! Fashion 2 Figure, Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant ; pretty much any plus size store that carries accessories can cater to us women out there who have a thicker wrist but still wanna rock some arm candy.


Gabi Gregg, who writes the fashion blog GabiFreshposted a series of Fatkini photos on XOJane in April 12′ and this week the Fatkini movement went viral. So much so that the blogger landed herself on the Today Show to talk about the XO Jane photo gallery and her reason for starting the Fatkini Movement. Kudos to the ladies who are bold enough to strut their stuff in a Fatkini!!! Maybe I’ll post a pic or two of my own! LOL

Here’s Gabi on the Today Show ❤

So… is Ms. Gregg Hott or NOTT in her Fatkini?!

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Hello to all the ChunkyChickz out there in ChunkyChickz world!! It’s me, Brielle Janae, coming BACK with another fabulous installment of Fashion Fridays! It’s been soo long since I have come to you and I’m excited to be back! Ok so let’s just pick up right where we left off and jump into spring! Warmer weather is on its way and I couldn’t be more excited! And you of course should be as well divas. When I think of spring I think Easter Sunday, lots of flowers and pastel colors! Springtime means that lighter and brighter colors are seen everywhere, and that includes in your wardrobe. Today’s installment will inspire you to trade in your heavy winter ensemble, into a playful, colorful spring!


Ok so let us begin with a pastel colored dress. It’s a simple classy way to dress up your spring wardrobe. A light pink belt was added to the waist for a simple, but adorable color blocking feel to the dress. Nude accessories were added so that the dress stands out, without any of the accessories over powering the outfit.


Resurrect your winter wardrobe by adding small touches of pastel accessories. So take your Little Black Dress, (or any other dark colored simple dress) and add a bunch of classy pastel accessories. The pastel belt will bring in your shape, add color and dimension to your outfit. The earrings will add sophistication and give an Audrey Hepburn look to your outfit. And the bangles will add some jingle to your arms and let everyone know the bell of the ball has arrived!


So if you can’t find a pastel dress, or any pastel accessories, or if maybe the pastel clothing and such isn’t your thing, still catch some spring fever! Add in your pastel edge with nail polishes and eye shadows. The greatest thing about beauty products is that if there are soo many options! So many colors and different ways to express and find your own look. So don’t be afraid to hit the drug store and find a bold new color to rock on your fingers and toes. And trade out that winter Smokey eye for a pop of spring on your lids.

Ok dolls, so Fashion Friday has come to an end but have no fear! Next Friday I will be back again showing you another trend that you can pull off this spring. Be sure to visit me over at for more fashion and beauty videos. Become one of my tweethearts and follow me on twitter @vintageblondie. Until next time ladies, Happy Spring!


Hello to all the wonderful ChunkyChickz in ChunkyChickzWorld. It’s MissDivaJanae hailing from the wonderful world of and I’m here with another installment of Fashion Fridays! Today’s trend ; Collared Shirts. The Collar look is not a new look at all, but I’ve seen this preppy look being rocked and a lot around the streets of NY when I visited not too long ago.  Today I’m going to show you how you can achieve the Collar look with pictures from my favorite Fashion Blogger Gabbi Gregg. You can check her amazing blog out at She gives me so much fashion inspiration so I’m sure she will inspire you as well! So now that that’s all said and done,  let’s begin!

Denim Blues

Here Gabi has paired a collar button up with a pair of dark washed jeans. The Contrast of the two hues of blue is so fabulous to me. The Collared shirt is jazzed up a bit with a bold necklace and a skinny belt brings in her shape. Accessories definitely play an important role in this outfit and I just absolutely love it!! See how the collared shirt brings a preppy feel to the outfit?

Blaze Me Up

Here Gabi has dressed up the collared shirt look up a bit by pairing a white collared shirt with a high waisted skirt. The beige colored blazer brings a bit of color and a causal feel to her outfit. Once again a statement necklace is the centerpiece of the outfit and I love the combo! These looks have definitely inspired me to go out and get a bundle of collared shirts and statement necklaces!

So if you love this look but don’t have a collared shirt of your own, have no fear YouTube fashion guru Chriselle Lim is here!  She did an amazing video a couple of weeks ago on how to create your own statement collars and she even gave a detailed variety on how you can put your D.I.Y. Collar with outfits that you have in your own closet! These D.I.Y. collars could double as a statement necklace as well and bring a personal touch to any of your outfits! I will be trying to make one of these collars soon.

So that’s all for this week ladies! Log on to for more fashion and beauty videos from yours truly, and be sure to check in next Friday for another fashion Friday post where I show you another trend for you to try. Until next time ladies xoxoxo