Khloe Kardashian Celebrates 30th Birthday At Tao Nightclub+

Khloe has been haunted by the rumor that she is the result of an affair between O.J Simpson and her mother Kris Jenner for many years now.


Twitter went up with claims that Khloe’s “DAD” was set to be released from prison. In typical K. Lo fashion, Ms. Kardashian took to twitter to blast those that would even entertain the idea that O.J. Simpson was her father.



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“The first thing people say when you start doing well and you’re confident in whatever it is that you set out to do is that you’re ‘Hollywood’ nah, ‘I Ain’t Hollywood, I’m Southbeach’. Living up to the extraordinary expectations of being the offspring of one of the roughest “rude bwoys” to ever set foot off the island of Jamaica would make some apprehensive; instead emerging rapper Don Son is well on his way to making a name all his own.

“I’m actually the Don’s son. My pops is real big in Jamaica. You can ask any Jamaican and they know about Skeng Don,” explains Don Son.  Son of Jamaican business mogul Skeng Don a man with a reputation so legendary it rings across the Caribbean and South Florida, so well known that even the biggest Bawse, Miami rapper Rick Ross recently mentioned him in a Tweet.

I was always taught “go out and get it” which is exactly what the South Florida rapper plans to do with the release of his upcoming mixtape titled “Spending Habits” the first single “South Beach” .

Twitter: @DonSon_SKDJR
Behind the scenes of Don Son’s photo shoot:



Hey Haz,


Ever been in love with a lesbian that ain’t know she was a lesbian?! That was me a year ago in Afghanistan she’s sexy but loves masculine things smh here’s the question that was a tangent, why are people attracted to people in relationships?! Seriously I’m feeling a broad that has a worthless nigga. I’m like two steps from fucking her brains out and giving her a taste of good dick and the good life. What’s a nigga to do?!

Thank God & Stay Humble


Aight nigga damn lol…. First things first, no I have never been in love with a lesbian that ain’t know she liked catfish.  Leave her alone she sounds like trouble. Now to answer your second and real question…. Why do people find themselves attracted to people in relationships? Its a few different reasons and ways I can answer this the first is the most obvious. People in relationships “tend” to “have their shit together” for the most part because if they weren’t on point to some degree nobody would want them. If she has a man willing to claim her as his own then chances are she is doing something right or has some qualities about her that warrant that type of treatment. Also we as humans naturally want the shit we can’t have so just knowing that a woman “belongs” to someone else will add to that level of intrigue and excitement about her. It becomes more of a challenge and as men we love the challenge . The real question is how do you know her nigga is worthless? Has she been telling you all of his flaws and painting the picture that he ain’t shit? If so then don’t be so quick to fall for that trap. A woman in a un- fulfilling relationship isn’t always looking to cheat. She is just looking for that fulfillment that she lacks. If he is knocking the lining out of her crabby patty and just not there for her emotionally and supporting her the way she feels she deserves then no matter what you say or do ur chances of hitting are slim. Women have a tendency to seek the masculine attention they desire from an outside source to fulfill their needs, but won’t fuck that man because to them that would be considered cheating. To me if she telling you all his dirt but still going home to him you gotta brace yaself for the possibility that you’re in the friend zone. You might be the nigga she can vent to, get a lil positive reassurance that she is attractive, still got it and can still get it and be the boost she needs to go back and deal with her ain’t shit nigga. Just remember for all the bad she tells you there is obviously something good she ain’t telling you that’s making her stay. My advice would be don’t invest too much time in her until you start to see a return on your initial investment. Let her know that she has an option in you but that you also have options and ain’t waiting around for her to leave him. Don’t throw salt on buddy no matter what you do, if she brings him up negatively try to shift the convo from him to yall… Instead of focusing on the bad he does try to get her to focus on the good you can do. Make it clear what you can bring to the table that she isn’t already getting and leave it up to her to make the right decision. Also you said you close to giving her the dick and giving her a taste of the “good life” nigga you better not be wearing no cape tryin to save a damsel in distress lol… Lemme know if you got any other questions and keep me updated on ya progress!




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Khloe Kardashian has had it!!! For those of you who have something to say about Khloe’s weight gain

Khloe tweeted:


Get em’ Khloe!!!


Ask Haz: Facebook Etiquette For Relationships by @HazTV


Hey Haz, 

If you’re in a relationship, is it ok to leave comments for or converse with the opposite sex online? What is the appropriate social networking etiquette?


Nowadays it seems that there’s a common misconception that social media is the “devil” when it comes to relationships, and if you mix the two things will almost always  go bad. The fact is having this much access to our significant others daily interactions with other people is new territory for us as humans and its clear that we haven’t evolved at the same pace as our technology. We have acquired the ability to create and control our very own digital identities with access to anything and almost anyone in the world but have yet to acquire the ability to analyze and control our own feelings of jealousy and insecurity from within. The real problem here is by design, everybody is single online. No matter what you want to tell yourself, there is no room for a relationship on Twitter or Facebook. Social networking was not designed with relationships in mind. Now I believe a man or woman can flirt and carry on with tons of random people daily online, then log off to leave that world behind and be in a committed monogamous relationship in the real world. I know its possible because I’ve done it. The question here isn’t about the intent. If you’re with someone with ill intent then there really is nothing you can do about it. The problem most people have is when a partner’s online identity behaves as if he/she is still single. Most people wouldn’t expect to see their partner flirting and carrying on with the opposite sex in person so they don’t find it appropriate or acceptable when they see the same behavior online. The internet is modern day virtual reality.  Liking a picture is comparable to walking up to somebody and telling them you like how they look. So it’s only logical that “liking a bitches pics on Instagram will get you a boiling hot pot of water to the face” in real life, or so I’ve been told. In the end it all stems from jealousy and insecurity. Nobody likes to see someone else receive the attention they feel is reserved for them, and most people definitely don’t have a desire to share their significant other. However, to become obsessed with your partner’s timeline or activity tab speaks volumes of the level of trust you have for them in the first place. To answer your original question the only way to gauge what’s “appropriate” is for you and your partner to discuss it and make that determination for yourselves. Every relationship is different. You must first determine what you feel is acceptable then express those feelings with your significant other and hopefully their belief system aligns with yours. That’s really what it comes down to. Knowing what you want and finding somebody that wants the same thing. Me personally, I don’t feel like anybody should have to censor themselves for the sake of a relationship but at the same time if they are truly compatible they won’t have to.


@Haztv is the Co-host of Chunky Chickz Radio and an up and coming writer and social commentator with frequent blog contributions to #SoPhi & he will now be giving sound advice to the readers of Chunky Chickz World.
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